Fun Facts about the Blanchards

Lots of trivia on the Blanchard side including our 8x great grandparents: the Durants: early settlers in North Carolina. Durant’s Neck, an area near the Perquimans River is still there today.  The North Carolina’s web page highlights their story.  There are also highway historical markers for George Durant, Ann Marwood Durant and Culpeper’s Rebellion

Besides the Durants, there are more interesting tidbits: Puritans persecuting Quakers, a man marrying five sisters, Civil War service and more.  There was also slave ownership. It’s a hard fact to accept, but I believe that family history should be portrayed accurately.

1908, Gertrude Finkbiner, age 26

Where is George Durant’s Bible, printed in London in 1599, displayed?

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in a locked cabinet.  It is one of the oldest English Bibles in the United States.

Who came to America as an indentured servant in 1634?

George Sutton age 21, sailed on the ship Hercules and was an indentured servant of Nathaniel Tilden.  However, two years later he married Nathaniel’s daughter Sarah. They were Quakers and moved to North Carolina to escape persecution by the Puritans.

Whose name is recorded on the first land sale in Scituate, Massachusetts in 1634?

Nathaniel Tilden built his house in 1636.  He was a ruling elder of the first church in Scituate (Puritans).  His daughter became a Quaker and moved with her husband to NC to escape persecution.

Who purchased land in 1661 from Cisketando, a Yeopim Indian Chief?

George Durant did, and this deed is recorded as the oldest deed in North Carolina. The land chosen by Durant still bears his name: Durant’s Neck bordered by Abermarle Sound.

Who was the first woman to act as an attorney in North Carolina in 1673?

Ann Marwood Durant represented seaman Andrew Ball who charged that he had not received his due wages for service on a ship named the Two Brothers

Who went to London in 1675 to protest against the Plantation Duty Act of 1673?

George Durant objected to England’s high tariffs and regulations forbidding trade with foreign countries. He warned them of trouble to come.

What was Culpepers’ Rebellion in 1677?

John Culpeper and George Durant led a revolt against British trade laws and seized the government.

Who fought in the French and Indian War in 1754?

Timothy Walton served two tours, one in 1754 and one in 1760.

Beginning in 1793, who married five sisters, one at a time?

Timothy Walton, Jr did.  His wife died, so he married her sister, again and again.  His wives were the daughters of Thomas and Mildred Billups: Mary, Nancy Ann, Rosanna, Sarah and Lucy. He had nine children in all.

Are there any other slave owners on our tree?

Sadly, yes.  Most of the North Carolina families owned slaves including Dempsey Barclift lived in Durant’s Neck, NC.  In the 1810 US Census, there are 8 slaves enumerated.

Who left North Carolina and moved to Illinois in 1830?

Ann Barclift (age 18) and Timothy Walton (age 21) traveled nearly 1000 miles to their new home.

Was there an epidemic in Gates County around 1840?

William Blanchard and four other adult family members die in a 4 year period.  Plus, there is a blurb that slaves typically lived longer than whites in Gates County, NC.  An epidemic or pewter dishes, or what?

Who was born in North Carolina, but moves to Illinois and then fights for the Union Army?

Timothy Walton Blanchard served for the entire war.  His unit saw a lot of action.

Who celebrated 50 years of marriage in 1917 in Boulder, Colorado?

TW and Belle Blanchard moved to Colorado in 1880 and had eight children. They owned a ranch on Boulder Creek which became Blanchard Lodge, and it’s still there, currently operated by Wedgwood Weddings.

Why did the Blanchards move to Colorado in 1880?

Timothy Walton Blanchard had been farming in Missouri and decided to come west and become a miner.